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Private client


Our highest level full service marketing and consulting package.

We are offering our private clients a hands-on, dedicated, and full service package that has been created by industry experts both in marketing and restaurants. Our goal is to provide the highest level of marketing, consulting, and branding to drive more business and revenue for your establishment. This is NOT for restaurants that don't want to spend 6K or more a month, and this is NOT for restaurants that are unwilling to spend money to grow and thrive to new levels. This IS for restaurants that want to build brands and revenue. This IS FOR YOU!

Quick Highlights

  • Branding and strategy

  • Intent based branding; creating goodwill, bonding with customers, and building long-term relationships for ongoing business.

  • Selling merchandise through Facebook and Instagram stores.

  • Building and creating new income streams.

  • Catering, carryout, online ordering, and private events consulting, advertising, and management.

  • Incoming email inquiries management.

  • Entertainment strategy.

  • On-site consulting behind the bar from one of our experts.

  • Planning and strategy for new events, specials, entertainment and generalized creative consulting on new ways to bring customers to you and keep them coming back.

  • Professional video and content creation. 

  • Paid advertising campaigns.

  • Promotional material.

  • Full social media management and messenger engagement.

  • Reputation management.

  • Printed promotional material. 

The same strategies that leading digital marketers use to drive revenue for big brands. Proven methods that we have used to rapidly grow our client's businesses. 

How it Works


Identifing the problem, and finding solutions.


Branding with intent. Build goodwill and loyalty.


We'll create beautiful ads for you online advertising.


We'll create and manage targeted ads.

Results Driven

Our concept is simple: find your perfect customer and bring them in the door, then keep them coming back. 

So What is a private client group? Most digital marketers or agencies have a small, selected group of clients that they give special attention. These types of groups or master classes are almost always reserved for high level clients that have shown an appetite for rapid growth. They are also the clients that understand that this is an investment in their business more than anything. The idea is simple; when something is working, you do more of that. You do a lot more of that. So here we are, offering a complete marketing management solution and consulting package that provides our top clients with the high level of attention that they need to skyrocket their restaurant's growth. 


After helping countless restaurants grow and build their businesses, we realized a fundamental flaw in the process of some of these great establishments; there was still money being left on the table. Bringing in the business is only one step of building your brand and growth. We want to actually help you, hands-on, build extra streams of revenue and help manage critical aspects of your business. Think of it as a director of advertising, brand management, and business consulting, complete with an expert team, to manage and handle day to day task, plus more!


One-on-one consulting is great, but most people fail to continue the processes that we've taught them. We built this master class private client group to build long term goals and relationships with our clients, and their customers.


We want to create goodwill, and a bond of trust and loyalty with who you want coming into your restaurant. Both new and old customers.


It's not always about the sale. Stop trying to sell sell sell. Build the bond and the service, then the customer will buy when they are ready because you've already taken the time to build a relationship with them. While everyone is trying to go after the "now" aspect, focus on the 30 day term. This is an open market that almost all businesses fail to see and use. Don't worry, you still have your daily customers, but when reaching new audiences, this is a brutally effective way to crush your competition. It's a form of intent based branding and direct response marketing.


You'll personally get our team and our lead consultant to come visit your restaurant to do a secret shopper and help discover what issues might be occurring at front of house and back of house. Trust me, there is ALWAYS room for improvement no matter how good you think you are doing. We'll show you some easy tricks behind the bar to help with things like over pouring, while still retaining the visual that your customer is not getting a weak drink. You'll also get a run through of procedures to ensure you are running at your highest level of performance.


Running through your costs and processes is the best way to find where there is money being lost.


Remember, our services are only as good as you are able to operate, so bringing you business is great, but you must be running at full potential for our efforts to really shine through! 


We build trust, an engaged customer base, and loyalty by using methods from the brightest and sharpest minds in digital marketing over the past several years.


You'll go a lot further in the long run by offering value. Spend the time and effort to build relationships, not just sales. The sale will always be there, but building the relationship actually builds more sales. It's the flywheel concept: When the business is generating good engagement and branding, the sales come in faster and more often which creates more goodwill and more loyalty which keeps the wheel spinning faster and faster, producing more business. It's the same reason big brands use this methodology, because it works.

Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to sell products. If you already have an online store for your merchandise, we can link them to your social media accounts and allow people to buy directly from Facebook or Instagram instead of having to go to a website.


Video. Yes, video is one of the best ways to build engagement with your customers. And that's exactly what you'll get. 


Professional copywriting for ad campaigns. We'll build out your ad campaigns with professional copy and a message that is sure to connect with your audience. Then we'll deliver it to your ideal customer. 


Build ads that convert. That's the name of the game. Using paid advertising on social media is now the number one way businesses are connecting with new customers and keeping engagement with existing ones.


We'll build a strategy that is results driven, then build the ad campaigns to deliver the message.


One-on-one connection to our team. The problem with most agencies is that there is no direct communication with their clients. With our private client group, you'll get the benefit of being able to talk one-on-one without having to setup calls in advance through email. We will dedicate a large portion of hands-on time to help you succeed. That's one reason why this is a closed group and only available to our top clients.


Special events and private parties. Many of our clients offer this and it's a great way to monetize space. You might already have a stream of events coming in, but we'll work with you to create a plan for bringing in more events as this is a fantastic opportunity to engage with the community and build even more...you guessed it, trust, and loyalty. Hosting a wedding or special event goes a lot further than most people realize. It's the sale that keeps on giving.


Catering. Not all of our clients take advantage of this, but we've seen it work wonders. Chances are, you are surrounded by a wealth of potential customers needing and wanting catering. You have a kitchen and staff, so why not take advantage of this opportunity to grow. This is yet again another great way of creating goodwill and loyal customers long term. Catering is a 53 billion dollar industry, with restaurants accountable for 64% of that. With consumers spending more on restaurants than groceries, now is the time to grow. 


Carryout. You might not realize it, but food to go is a huge asset. Not everyone wants to dine-in. Easy online ordering and pick-up is one of the best ways to create more streams of revenue. Customers love being able to make a few clicks and have their food waiting for them when they arrive. A simple, yet effective way of getting your brand out there.

Convert Traffic into Customers

iSquare knows how to get your business the attention it deserves. We then take that attention and turn it into paying customers.

Work with an Expert Team

An expert team with you all the way. Having a team of professionals behind you is the key to this private client consulting group. It's the reason we've been able to grow restaurants so quickly. It's a rapid growth system that simply works.

Experience the Difference

Contact us today and join our highest level of one-on-one support, marketing,

and consulting.

Private consulting and social advertising of this level easily exceeds 10K plus per month from agencies, marketers, and experts in this field. We have condensed this package into an affordable accelerated growth model that is designed to take your business above and beyond your competition. This is NOT for businesses who don't want to grow, and this is NOT for businesses that do not want to spend money to invest in a competitive industry. This IS for restaurants that know the value of high level marketing, and this IS for YOU!